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The trilogy of Car audio "upgrade"

Views : 4034Publish Date : 2014-03-15

The trilogy of Car audio "upgrade"



Release: the admin   release time: on January 23 2014


With the development of economic the workers must stand more and more stress,and their relax time is less and less. It seems that it’s the only way to relax that listening to the music. But except the senior car parts automotive original sound quality is rough just can hear; It makes the car stereo became the change project for a lot of new cars’ owners. The car audio modification upgrades content nothing more than "host" "in the horn" and "add subwoofer". According to the discussion of oneself and car audio experts made a conclusion that the car audio upgrade the ropes and the matters needing attention in an article let you in a limited budget get the best enjoy hearing.(for less adapted to upgrade car audio system can immediately get the auditory enjoy a higher level of ride.)

The first: for the host Strong heart courage

Audio host the strength of the output power is directly related with quality performance. In domestic original factory equipped with host maximum output power only about 30 watts push strength is insufficient sound quality of course is not ideal. To change the host first! Heart strength thrust is strong and a host in 2 3000 yuan already can improve the sound quality effect.

2 3000 yuan on the market within the host to Pioneer SONY Panasonic JVC plot is a brand for the mainstream about thousands of multiple levels of the product can be up to 50 watts. Host thrust increases the range with trenchant level strength even use original horn the sound quality will be better than the original design several times.

Another advantage: the upgraded host function is rich in addition to the integration of single CD they also support or external MP3 / WMA (Windows Media Audio) broadcast formats such as collocation flashy dazzle beautiful color LCD panel both auditory and visual dual sensual pleasure.

Original host is usually 2 Din with large panel design commercially available upgrades is given priority to with 1 - Din to pay more attention to the specifications while buying and whether the host panel is tonal collocation car cabin. Still have to pay attention to the panel model! In recent years car compartment for whole design original sound host more and be in harmony of instrument panel the panel line has the format design founder but still can change just have to purchase panel replacement frame to modify instrument panel.

The overall upgrade effectively

According to expert introduction single in the host horn or plus subwoofer is helpful to improve sound quality also someone with original host external expanding machine after again in speakers and the subwoofer to improve the sound quality effect. But the premise is the need to pay attention to the coordination and collocation of each audio. Both high、low and ultra-low sound audio performance to achieve the best sound quality.

Section 2: change the horn Clear throat open throat

Stereo matching and integrity in the host after the voice will get better but the actual original horn inherit power (RMS) only 15 to 30 watts using power is a bit strong host bigger volume can appear even broken sound so if you can perform the upgrade horn at the sound quality effect will be better.

Speakers don't keen on gaining petty advantages of choose and buy or not buy a less known and inferior brand famous brand suggest to DLS Alpine Rainbow MB Quart Cerwin Vega BKELL well-known brands such as direction quality and after-sales service is guaranteed. Also need to consider host power strength collocation because the host output power is weak push the high power under the horn bought also waste.

Interior sound field show mainly in the front part commercially available modified speakers also specialize in front seat 2 the treble and bass in two 1000 yuan can have real power under in 30 to 60 tile products. If the budget is limited the back two speakers don't have to change or can be in low price (1000 yuan) of coaxial horn (treble and bass speaker integration design).

Horn to hide in the door trim in speakers have to tear open door plank attention should be paid to technicians tear open outfit of kung fu is very important otherwise within easy to produce different sound in the future. Size is usually six to six original horn. 5 inches to increase the door plank of mount after the remaining space should be considered the other connecting switch. As a result of the rain outside the car will go inside the glass flow into the door it’d better ask the shop do waterproof treatment for modified horn prolong service life.

With home is: good quality brings good mood

Sound after upgrading to the characteristics of each type of music comfortable drive the mood is good is worth it!

Trilogy: plus subwoofer level

With the purpose of the subwoofer speakers is to let the car stereo only high medium and low performance more thick layers of low frequency sound making music as a whole sound quality will be better. Parity subwoofer speakers with more resonance speakers integrated into an organic whole and usually device in the luggage compartment which does not occupy a space and resonate with the available space strengthening the bass effect. (If install expanding machine or active subwoofer you should install "capacity". Capacitor main function is to voltage stability of the car if the voltage stability the host will also promote the power of the horn signal stability sound is better to listen to.)

Suggestions like heavy metal rock music player such as can be subject to 10 to 15 inches of choose and buy instantaneous power above two hundred watts products. But for general player to hear a symphony light music eight to ten inches bear about two hundred watts of power products have been more than enough. Subwoofer and amplifier should be protected

Plus subwoofer should be after the battery is extreme wire device fuse within 15 cm reduce conflict if the wire winding spread distance to avoid the terror car on fire. If equipped with expander should pay attention to whether the store does "negative ground". Behind the expander is equipped with two jacks are negative connected to the battery is negative negative extreme expander to connect a wire to the body of a large screw a move that would make the current form good loop avoid machine winding short circuit.