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Car audio modification must know the six major considerations

Views : 2734Publish Date : 2014-03-15

Car audio modification must know the six major considerations

Date: 2014-2-20

In car users with a batch of active music enthusiast their vehicles is usually the way mobile music hall but you know that before the converted audio need to think of six questions?

1. Security: in the process of dismantling can not damage the original car circuit and short circuit when installing equipment lines cannot be wrong after get blank brains have adverse consequences. Installation of the equipment should have insurance or fire easily. Audio line can't interfere with the computers and electronic devices in the car or you will fail. You must have professional training of personnel to install to ensure safety.

2. The dismantling technologies: modification in the process of sound first of all the original car audio will be removed tear open outfit whether is the basic issue of modified skilled because now instrument desk surface is no screw so need to pry open decoration parts to see screw remove the professional and strict operating process otherwise easy to bad. The second step we need to wiring change the speaker be about to tear open outfit instrument desk chair door plank the door decorating plate etc. in the process of dismantling should have special tools to keep the original in good condition otherwise it will produce the problem such as not beautiful and noise.

3. The product is unqualified now in the market there are many counterfeit famous brand equipment must distinguish when buy or else the devil. Some cheap equipment is to look not to come out from the appearance quality problem however the inner components are made of inferior circuit are designed to also do not conform to the standard the equipment quality is bad it is easy to failure and even produce spontaneous combustion. Must to manufacturer authorized shops to buy can use at ease.

4. How acoustics: not buy brand-name products must be good to listen famous plant varieties are high middle and low class buy high-grade not necessarily good the most fundamental is to a professional system collocation installation and debugging to good effect. Not lines you just hurry connection sound field orientation phase can't mistake otherwise the effect.

5. Considering the after-sale service: the car stereo is used in the sport environment evil slightly. Such as: temperature humidity vibration dusts etc. acoustics could produce all kinds of fault maintenance repair and maintenance is very important problem. Cheap buy gray refurbished machine a clearance product stealing etc. the warranty card is false there is no after-sales service once the damage need to maintenance or scrap is not worth it. Stores sold equipment all expensive not now there is a lot of good cost performance equipment can enjoy good after-sales service why not.

6. Installation environment: some shop is installed in the open air the staff of the uniform is dirty the sound is finished installation but the car upholstery and car looks dirty. Bought a new car in the sound is a good thing but many adverse consequences is a painful thing. Running is operating indoors the benefits of it are:

(1) Clean ensure a clean inside and out.

(2) Is not affected by temperature removing plastic parts easily damaged when temperature is too low.

(3) Is not affected by the weather windy rain can work normally.

(4) Because of the lighting so black can work during the day.

(5) The customer has a good room.