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How to identify the speaker in the car audio sound quality?

Views : 2837Publish Date : 2014-03-15

How to identify the speaker in the car audio sound quality?



Release: the admin    release time: on February 10 2014

1. Testing the quality of the low frequency

Poor speaker low frequency can be shock or make noise the lack of administrative levels feeling and strong feeling. Good low frequency should be clean and lively distinct not slow even if all kinds of low frequency instrument such as size of bass drums bass guitar and piano can be distinguished easily. So don't be cheated easily by the amount of low frequency sense inferior low frequency than clean sound natural and comfortable.


2. The test medium frequency vocals

Human voice is the most often hear the sound or it is not difficult to detect check for unusual nasal vocals or be sipping mouth feel. Some speakers "box" also will greatly interfere with the intermediate frequency the sound of this band is only a blur. Dye intermediate frequency sound relative to the other frequency sound dye is more serious because most can hear the voice of the frequency or the frequency of the music was concentrated in the intermediate frequency range almost for all types of music; this will become an obstacle to the playback.


3. Test the high frequency of flexibility

Inferior is the high-frequency shriek in ear hear a splitting headache extreme cases violin or soprano of bell canto to brake noise. Similarly soprano of instrumental music more different texture good high frequency is to be able to tell. Quality level of high frequency can even again is to distinguish between two different years different wooden played by the rhyme. Is the most easy to master keys good high is not terrible back to a listen to erect pore also is not more listen to more tired and it is continuous toughness and elastic smooth and level up to the top can be easily heard do not produce the megaphone (of course not to walk the singer's record for your reference)


4. Test the high volume and sound like

Some speakers at low volume performance is stable but in the volume up to an index will be distorted or the "edge" music of all kinds of audio signal (of course but the volume of the 12 o 'clock for safety test standard).Specifically if the orchestra is one joy of love then you must go through this. Up to standard of speakers do voice from the box to a certain extent builds a clear sound field and the like show the point location of different instruments and texture there is plenty of diffusion and high growth rich but the audio space. Weak and end should be heard clearly and in large volume and big lineup deformation under the condition of no distortion voices and Musical Instruments sound never both. High quality can show a rich music playback and air and notes of jumping ability like see clearer sky show a picture by meticulous and orderly audio and video. More directly and is under long listening is not ears tired.